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For guys living in Nevada, getting to choose the perfect diamond ring always gives you a major headache. Am I right? Unlucky for you because someone decided to put this sparkling object on a metal ring and suggested that it is a must-have for all the marriage proceedings.

Thus, a soon married man truly believes the inevitability of it. Hiding away from this fact is impossible unless your goal is to become a bachelor forever, which I assumed is not our goal, as described on your diamond teacher. Understanding some of the factors is very important which should be taken into consideration before purchasing a ring.


What are the Types of Rings?

The engagement and the wedding ring are the two various types of rings. The engagement ring is used for marriage proposals while the wedding ring is always worn after the wedding proceedings. The major difference between the two is the diamond emphasis of its design. A practical reason is that the engagement ring can shine so bright in the moonlight which your woman will just say yes for your proposal. Thus, the design of the engagement rings is to clearly define the diamond on the ring. Three stone rings and solitaire rings are the basic engagement ring designs.


A wedding ring is always worn throughout the marriage and is frequently exposed to wear and tear. This kind of ring must be in simpler designs and the rings should have diamonds embedded in it. Through understanding the kind of ring that you want to purchase; your efforts can be on that focus for a specific range. Also, it is important to note that the surprise element must always have a reservation for the engagement ring, thus, that makes the ring a more challenging one to get.


Know what she wants

You must be familiar with the diamonds 4Cs before knowing what your woman might like. The diamond 4Cs are the clarity, cut, color, and the carat of the diamond. These are the four characteristics of a diamond that are used in gauging the quality and the diamond’s price as well. Furthermore, the 4Cs definitions will help you to know what you want since the use of the terminologies will be relevant, so your jeweler understands.


Understanding her preferences is the next step. Perhaps, she would be the certified gemologist and might have a various set of qualities that she wants and likes for her diamond ring. Get an idea of her favorite diamond’s part and her preferences in a way that you won’t be missing these qualities out. For instance, she might choose a larger diamond than a diamond that has a good clarity or a certain color or shape. However, it would be a terrible danger for you if she is into the diamonds that are the biggest colorless round-shaped available in the shop.


She might not prefer the best diamond ring available. Perhaps, the reason could be is due to her hand and fingers’ size. Some diamonds look nice while others look not suitable for her. As a general guide, rings that have less than 1.5 carats of diamond on a hand with tiny and small would make it appealing and obvious while anything bigger than such would fire away elegance.


Know your dealer

There is a need for self-research whether you are buying the ring online or from a neighboring shop. You must be knowledgeable enough about the jeweler and look out for credible telephone numbers and real addresses for online stores. Also, you can check out some forums about the best places in buying from your neighborhood, or just checking some feedback or complaints given on the online stores that you are looking at. Ensure that you feel comfortable and you have trusted the place where you plan on buying.


Final touches

If you plan on proposing, then start planning for your proposal. Book the place and prepare for some backup plans if it rains. Ensure that you always have an available plan B if you plan A fails.


Lastly, make sure that you always know the ring size of your girl. Steal her ring placed in her drawer if you must. Perhaps, you could get a string in measuring the circumference and bring it straight to the shop for measurement. Also, some diamond websites give a free downloadable ring sizer. Best of luck.

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