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The Nevada Alliance for Drug Endangered Children involves professionals and community members who are addressing health risks and psychological needs of children who are exposed to environments where drugs are used, manufactured or distributed. Many Nevada communities have developed multi-agency partnerships to better serve these most vulnerable victims. Our ultimate goal is to rescue, defend, shelter and support Nevada’s Drug Endangered Children

What is a Drug Endangered Child? (DEC)

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children defines drug endangered children as children who are at risk of suffering physical or emotional harm as a result of illegal drug use, possession, manufacturing, cultivation, or distribution. They may also be children whose caretaker’s substance misuse interferes with the caretaker’s ability to parent and provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Harm to the children exposed to these environments can include:

  • physical abuse;
  • emotional abuse;
  • sexual abuse; and
  • neglect, including failure to nurture, supervise, or provide meals, sanitary and safe living conditions, schooling and medical care.

Around the country, local Drug Endangered Children (DEC) programs have been developed to coordinate the efforts of law enforcement, medical services, and child welfare workers to ensure that children found in these environments receive appropriate attention and care.

The Nevada Alliance for Drug Endangered Children supports the work of local DEC programs, providing public awareness about the issues, coordinated policy development, training and technical assistance for local teams.

Our Solution

Nevada DEC's approach for addressing the needs of children in dangerous drug environments focuses on the formation of community-based partnerships that encourage agency personnel from across multiple disciplines to coordinate their mutual interests, resources and responsibilities.

We support state services and local communities by helping to develop efficient and effective strategies and tools that better leverage existing resources. We provide leadership, strategic planning, training, and technical assistance to our local teams and network members and advocate for intervention on behalf of these innocent victims.

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